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The Student

Political Alliance

The Student’s Nonpartisan Political Advocacy Platform.


Welcome to the Student Political Alliance.

The Student Political Alliance is a nonpartisan alliance for expression, social change, and debate of a wide range of ideas through civil discourse and civic engagements. Founded in 2016, the Student Political Alliance organizes students to confront societies issues both topical and timeless, combating the narrative of partisan politics. All of the Student Political Alliance events and activities are open to the public.

The mission of the Student Political Alliance is to educate students in ideas, theories, and how to engage in civil discourse; to provide avenues for civic engagement; and to empower students to create a social impact in their communities.

Our vision is a world where we are empowering the future generation of leaders to engage in civil discourse, civic engagement, and social impact.

Through our mission, the Student Political Alliance organizes programs and civil discussions that allows students to understand different perspectives about the issues and ideas that affect our world.

The Student Political Alliance is an integral piece to anyone’s collegiate education. It is an unmatched opportunity for students, faculty, and community members to come together and engage with the most pressing ideas of our time. Our platform allows students to interact with and challenge the ideas being posed to them through nonpartisanship. We hope that our activities and thoughtful discussions last long past the end of the day and continue to shape discourse for years to come.

Mustafa Ali-Smith

the Student Political Alliance, Founder


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